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After a busy day why not visit our SPA & Wellness complex. We provide our Guests with a set of treatments, among which we strongly recommend: a saline swimming pool, the AquaThermoJet, chirotherapy, a relaxation room, Finnish sauna and a fitness room.
We are certain that our offer will help you regain full physical and mental efficiency. Using the SPA and Wellness treatments, we will help you relieve stress and raise your spirits.

A modern saline swimming pool with massage jets, counter current units and a water curtain.
A saline bath improves blood circulation, cleanses skin, eliminates swellings and cellulite, relaxes, improves body immunity, eases rheumatic, muscular and neuralgic pains. A saline bath is a great way to reduce tiredness after exhausting physical exercises. It also relaxes and eases emotional strain. A water massage reduces venostasis and oedemas by improving peripheral circulation. It also reduces muscular tension, improves muscular and nervous coordination. Through water massage, your skin becomes firm and flexible.

Finnish sauna
Recovers body and spiritual balance, relaxes physically and emotionally, increases body`s efficiency, cleanses and detoxicates your organism. It evens the body`s deficiencies resulting from unhealthy lifestyle, noticeably improving many functions of the body, especially the ones related to the cardiovascular system.

Fitness room. Strength machine, cycle, treadmill, oars, crosstrainer
These exercises shape up all the muscles, including the "unused" ones, which determine the body`s position and body`s presence - especially back muscles. Strengthening and aerobic exercises used sequentionally improve general condition, body`s efficiency and are beneficial for the cardiovascular system. In a fitness room we can work on an ideal flat belly, rounded shoulders, firmed thighs and buttocks. The training combined with a reasonable diet, will help you loose weight and prevent skin and muscle flaccidity.

AquaThermoJet - Massage & relaxation
AquaThermoJet combines the wellness benefits with well-tried therapeutic methods. A massaging water bed provides you with relaxation, regeneration of your body powers and renews body energy.
Lying on a warm bed surface, listening to music, relaxing during a gentle massage, you can let your thoughts flow.
The comfortable massage you experience is performed by water jets, starting from your thighs up to the neck. The water hitting the flexible bed surface massages your body without spilling out. It is a way of experiencing water massage without being actually wet.

  • improves blood circulation and metabolism
  • reduces muscular tension
  • firms skin
  • stimulates lymphatic system
  • eliminates stress
  • improves mood.

AquaThermoJet is a perfect combination of massage, warmth and relaxation used to achieve major therapeutic effects in spinal pain syndromes, discopathies, back pains, ankylosing spondylitis, scoliosis, in the initial stage of osteoporosis, obesity, cellulite.
The AquaThermoJet spoils us. It is a way to gain efficient relaxation and stress elimination.

Chirotherapy is a form of gymnastics on 6 exercising tables. Every table has a different operating range - they train and massage different parts of body. On one you can shape a flat belly, on other slim thighs and yet on another you strengthen your hip and knee joints or spinal muscles.
Chirotherapy is recommended for people with obesity, office workers, and for women after labour in particular, when the typical exercises are contraindicated. The beds also have a therapeutic effect. Passive exercises are safe for the spine and joints, because they relieve the osteoarticular system. These exercises are also an excellent way to relax, which is valuable during constant physical and emotional tension.


  • slims
  •  reduces adipose tissue
  • strengthens muscles in different body areas: belly, thighs, cruses and breasts
  • enables rehabilitation to be conducted
  • improves body condition
  • gives vital energy
  • •eliminates cellulite
  • firms muscles
  • regulates the blood and lymph circulation
  • reduces spine and joint pains
  • improves metabolism
  • stresses out
  • relaxes

Chirotherapy – slimming gymnastics for people of all ages!

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