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Treatment Programs

Equipped with state-of-the art equipment, our Sanatorium offers a rich selection of modern treatment programs, including: hydrotherapy, physical therapy, kinesiotherapy, inhalatorium and massages.

Group gymnastics
Strengthening, relaxing and analgesic exercises, recommended usually during treatment of arthrosis and spine diseases, individually tailored to each patient and their disorders.

Pool gymnastics
A set of pool exercises, great for all body muscles, helping to strengthen them. These activities are recommended for treatment of body overload, mobility restriction, degeneration and tiredness. Sessions also conducted for non-swimmers.

Ugul Therapy
A set of physical exercises based on a system of blocks, levers and joint slings. The specific character of these exercises allows for isolation of painful joint movement and helps ease the pain by using a specifically selected exercise. This mechanic therapy is great for strengthening joints and muscles weakened by pathological and degenerative processes.

Pearl bath
A bath in an ordinary water with air bubbles let in through special jets in the bottom of the bathtub. The bubbles gently tease the skin with a micromassage effect, affecting the autonomic nerve endings in particular. This leads to general nerve relaxation. Pearl baths are recommended in treatment of nervous tension, also in mild organic and functional heart and cardiovascular diseases, mild atherosclerosis and insomnia.

Saline bath
A treatment procedure reducing excitability of sensory and motor nerves. Its effect is to normalise blood pressure. It improves blood circulation and stimulates more effective skin perfusion. It also regulates skin metabolism and improves its immunity. This procedure is used mainly in treatment of orthopaedic disorders and skin diseases.

Four-cell bath
Hydro-electric bath in a bathtub made from insulating materials, with carbon electrodes inside, providing special treatment to upper and lower limbs. Direct current stimulation is beneficial e.g. in treatment of neuralgic and arthrosis pains. The treatment is also effective in treatment of peripheral blood circulation disorders and delayed union of fractured bones.

Carbonic acid bath
The patient is placed in a bathtub with the water temperature 32-34 °C. The gas contained in water, which deposits on the skin in a form of bubbles, has many effects, among which the most important is the dilatation of arterial and venous capillaries. As a consequence both normal and increased blood pressure is reduced and the heart beat slows down.

Carbon dioxide dry bath
Dry CO2 baths dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, reduce sympathicotonia and reduce sugar level. They have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. Taking dry baths is advised in treatment of cardiovascular system diseases (hypertension, ischaemic heart disease, cerebral and peripheral circulation disorder), polyneuropathies, neurovegetative dystonia, in bedsores and crural ulcerations' treatment.

Scotch douche
A water treatment using two water streams at room temperature while the patient is standing. As a result of a muscle massage the treatment causes relaxation of soft parts of the musculoskeletal system, normalizes blood pressure, reduces tension and stimulates blood circulation.

Classic massage
A massage with an analgesic, relaxing and muscle strengthening effect.

Whirling massage of legs or hands
The whirling massage is a form of underwater massage of upper and lower limbs in a water at 35-40 °C. It causes hyperaemia of the limbs, reduces oedema and venostasis in the limb. Used in peripheral circulation disorders, postcongelation states, in different forms of rheumatoid diseases and after surgical treatment of varices.

Underwater massage
Underwater massage is a hydrotherapeutic treatment, which is very popular among patients. During the treatment the whole body, or its parts, are massaged with a stream of water, while the patient is immersed in hot water. The underwater massage causes muscle relaxation, hyperaemia of peripheral tissues, increase of lymph outflow and the inflow of venous blood to the heart, improvement of the peripheral circulation.

Vibratory massage (aquavibron)
A kind of massage with a locally used vibrating rubber membrane, which takes energy from water flowing through the device. Uses: rehabilitation of musculoskeletal system, neuralgic pains, spine degeneration, etc. Regenerative treatment for sportsmen and physical workers. Recreation treatment improving skin and muscle perfusion, also improving skin elasticity.

Sequential BOA compression massage
Carried out by placing pressure cuffs on lower or upper limbs. Every cuff is composed of five independent sections filled with air. This form of massage, the so-called pressotherapy, has a positive influence on the organism through: stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic system, elimination of stasis, absorption of oedemas, facilitation of venous blood outflow.

Fango – paraffin compresses
The therapeutic effect of the fango substance is based on the thermal, compression and chemical reaction. The fango substance is a kind of volcanic mineral substance, the components of which are slightly different from natural peat. Its local effect, however, is stronger. It is used in treatment of degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases, neuralgic pains, myositis, spine diseases.

For inhalation we use a 3% saline solution, which improves the activity of airway mucous membrane, has an anti-inflammatory effect, separates mucous and eases the excretion evacuation. In case of breathing difficulties drugs may be put into the solution, and during common cold - herbal extracts.

Peat poultices
Peat is a kind of mud with specific physico-chemical values. Peat healing effect is based on thermal, mechanical and chemical influence of its compounds (such as hormones, humic acids, bitumens, proteins, aminoacids, resins and waxes) on degenerative diseases, periarthritic inflammation, neuralgic pains, chronic polyarthritis and myositis.

The treatment is based on local body cooling. It is used in treatment of rheumatoid diseases, dislocations, torsions, tendon strain, discopathy, muscular atrophy, post-surgery oedema, burns and long wound healing. It works by easing pain, reducing activity of inflammatory processes, reducing muscle tension and oedemas and, as a consequence, by increasing cooled joint mobility, growth of muscle power and shortening time of injury healing.

Bio-V Lamp
In this phototherapeutic procedure the patient is exposed to polarized visible light. The healing process in tissues is based on elimination of the local inflammatory and degenerative state and on an analgesic effect.

Solaris Lamp

A treatment procedure using infrared radiation. It improves local blood circulation and induces metabolic processes. It also speeds up posttraumatic healing of joints and soft tissues. Reduces muscle tension and has an analgesic effect.

A treatment procedure using a high frequency electromagnetic impulse field. It has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling effect.

Galvanization is an electrotherapeutic procedure which uses direct current. The healing effect of galvanization depends on different positions of electrodes. Depending on the method, we can reduce nervous excitability, with an analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect and dilation of blood vessels.

Low frequency current inducing muscle contractions leading to their activation. It has an analgesic effect and a positive influence on peripheral blood circulation. Improves tissue nutrition and reduces muscle tension.

A treatment procedure with an analgesic effect, increasing blood supply and speeding up absorption of haematomas and exudates. Used in posttraumatic healing of musculosketalal system, degenerative diseases, ischialgia.

It is a method of propelling ions of the medication transdermally by using galvanic current. This procedure speeds up the healing process of traumas and injuries and has an analgesic effect. Used in chronic inflammatory processes, neuralgic pains, arthrosis, ischialgias, speeds up healing wounds.


A therapeutic procedure which speeds up healing wounds, has an analgesic and regenerative effect, increases the stretching abilities of collagenic fibres. Has a profound thermal effect.


The magnetic field penetrates the human body to its deepest cells, releasing energy from blood vessels, thus reducing pain, stopping inflammatory processes, improving the organism immunity, and eliminating contractions. The procedure is used in treatment of many disorders, does not damage tissues, and penetrates all body parts.

It is an amplified light, the therapeutic effect of which is visible when absorbed by tissues it acts on. After absorption of a specific radiation dose a reaction is started in cells, tissues and organs as a quick, safe therapeutic effect in degenerative states, inflammatory processes, pains, traumas, haematomas, contusions and ulcerations

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